May 25 & 26

Viking Weekend at the Southern Indiana Renaissance Faire

Embark on a journey back to the age of Vikings at Swifty Farms for a weekend filled with Norse mythology, valiant warriors, and the spirit of adventure. The Southern Indiana Renaissance Faire’s Viking Weekend promises an immersive experience into the world of Vikings, where history, culture, and fantasy collide.

Jousting with Viking Valor: Experience the excitement of medieval jousting with a Viking twist. Watch as brave knights and fierce Vikings compete in a spectacular display of courage and combat skills. Feel the ground tremble under the hooves of charging steeds as you cheer for your champions.

Majestic Birds of Prey: Be awed by the grace and power of birds of prey in a breathtaking demonstration. Learn about these magnificent creatures that were revered by the Vikings, and witness their beauty and prowess up close.

Dragon Puppets: Let your imagination soar with our majestic dragon puppets. These fantastical beasts will roam the faire grounds, bringing myths to life and delighting visitors of all ages with their presence.

Viking Throat Singing: Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful sound of Viking throat singing. This unique musical tradition will transport you to the fjords of Scandinavia, evoking the ancient spirit of the Viking people.

Belly Dancing and Music: Be captivated by the mesmerizing performances of belly dancers, set to a diverse soundtrack of Viking, pirate, Celtic, and Irish music. Each melody and movement tells a story, weaving together a tapestry of cultural heritage.

Pirate and Celtic Music: Embrace the adventurous spirit of the seas with pirate music, and let the soul-stirring melodies of Celtic and Irish music touch your heart. Each performance is a journey through time, celebrating the rich musical traditions of these storied cultures.

Punch & Judy: Enjoy the timeless entertainment of Punch & Judy, a puppet show that has delighted audiences for centuries. Perfect for families and children, these playful characters promise laughs and joy.

Mermaids and Magic: Dive into the enchanting world of mermaids and the mystical allure of magic. Marvel at the beauty of our mermaid performers and be spellbound by magicians who conjure illusions and wonder.

Viking Weekend at the Southern Indiana Renaissance Faire is an invitation to explore the legendary world of the Vikings amidst the backdrop of history, music, and mythology. Don your Viking garb, gather your kin, and join us for a weekend of unforgettable adventures. Tickets are on sale now for an epic journey through time, where the past comes alive, and the spirits of the Vikings roam once more.