April 27 & 28

Celtic Weekend at the Southern Indiana Renaissance Faire

Step into a world where the spirit of the Celtic lands’ dances in the air! This weekend at
Swifty Farms, prepare to be transported through time and myth with an array of
spectacular events and performances that celebrate the rich Celtic heritage.
Jousting Knights: Witness the thunder of hooves and the clash of lances as gallant
knights take to the field in a breathtaking display of medieval jousting. Cheer for your
champions as they battle for honor and glory in this age-old sport.

Pirate Ditties and Swashbuckling Fun: Join our crew of merry pirates for rousing
ditties and daring acts of swashbuckling skill. Be prepared to sing along, laugh, and
maybe even join in on the adventure!
Fire Breathing and Sword Swallowing: Marvel at the daring performers who dance
with flames and swallow swords. These thrilling acts will leave you on the edge of your
seat, amazed by the skill and bravery of our artists.
Celtic Music and Belly Dance: Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful melodies
of Celtic music, paired with the mesmerizing movements of belly dancers. Together,
they create a magical performance that captivates the heart and soul.
Fairies, Punch & Judy, and Mermaids: Venture into a realm of fantasy with
enchanting fairies, the timeless antics of Punch & Judy, and the beguiling beauty of
mermaids. Perfect for families and dreamers of all ages, these magical beings await to
share their stories.
Cockatoos with Pirate Flair: Be amazed by our talented cockatoos, who not only
embrace the pirate life but also showcase their creative side with stunning acts and
painted masterpieces. A truly unique spectacle you won’t find anywhere else!
Highland Cows (Coos): Come up close and personal with the majestic Highland Coos,
a nod to the Scottish heritage that runs deep in Celtic tradition. These gentle giants are
a sight to behold and a favorite among visitors of all ages.
Belly Dance and Fairies: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of belly dance,
where grace meets tradition in a captivating performance. And keep an eye out for
fairies weaving their magic, adding a touch of whimsy to the festivities.

Magic: Be spellbound by the enchantment of our magicians, whose tricks and illusions
will leave you questioning the very fabric of reality. A magical experience that promises
to amaze and astonish audiences of all ages.

With something for everyone, the Celtic Weekend at the Southern Indiana Renaissance
Faire promises to be a celebration of history, culture, and fun. Don your finest medieval
or Celtic attire, grab your family and friends, and join us for an unforgettable journey

through time. Tickets are available now for a weekend filled with wonder, excitement,
and memories that will last a lifetime.