May 4 & 5

Fantasy/Underworld Weekend at the Southern Indiana Renaissance Faire

Embark on an extraordinary journey where the realms of fantasy and the underworld converge at Swifty Farms for the Fantasy/Underworld Weekend. The Southern Indiana Renaissance Faire invites you to explore a world brimming with magic, mystery, and marvels. Prepare for two days filled with enchanting entertainment, mythical creatures, and spellbinding performances that will transport you to another dimension.

Jousting Through Realms: Witness the spectacle of knights from both the celestial and nether realms clashing in a jousting tournament of epic proportions. Experience the excitement as they vie for honor and glory across dimensions.

Magic Tricks and Arcane Arts: Be dazzled by magicians and sorcerers as they perform spellbinding tricks and illusions. Delve into the mysteries of the arcane as they summon wonders before your very eyes.

Fire Eating and Sword Swallowing: Stand in awe of the fearless performers who master the elements and defy belief. Their daring acts of fire-eating and sword-swallowing are a testament to the power and courage found in the fantastical realms.

Dragon Puppets: Encounter majestic dragon puppets that soar and roam, bringing the mythic to life. These incredible creations offer a glimpse into a world where dragons rule the skies.

Viking Throat Singer: Immerse yourself in the haunting melodies of a Viking throat singer, whose deep and resonant tones echo the ancient songs of the north. A truly unique auditory experience that connects the past with the present.

Comedy Singing and Unicycling Unicorn: Laugh and sing along with our comedy singers, whose humorous tunes will lighten your heart. And don’t miss the extraordinary sight of a unicycling unicorn, blending whimsy and wonder in a spectacle of balance and magic.

Heartland Fairies: Step into an enchanted forest where the Heartland Fairies play and dance. These ethereal beings will captivate you with their beauty and charm, inviting you into their magical world.

Pirate Music: Let the rollicking tunes of pirate music set the tone for adventure. With shanties and songs of the sea, the spirit of piracy adds a thrilling edge to the fantastical weekend.

Mermaids and Trolls: Dive into the depths with mesmerizing mermaids or traverse the underbridge to encounter trolls of legend. These mythical creatures from the deep and the earth offer tales and experiences from beyond the human realm.

Fantasy/Underworld Weekend at the Southern Indiana Renaissance Faire is an invitation to dream, explore, and believe in the impossible. Dress in your finest mythical attire, gather your band of adventurers, and join us for a weekend where fantasy becomes reality. Tickets are now available for an unforgettable journey through the enchanted and the extraordinary, where every path leads to wonder and every moment is steeped in magic.