You can purchase tickets either online or at the gate, with no price difference between the two options.

Single Day Tickets can be used on any day.

Weekend Tickets are specific to the weekend for which they are purchased.

Yes, our event has moved from Charlestown to Swifty Farms in Seymour.

No, we will not be hosting any events in Charlestown.

Frequently Asked Questions about the faire

Costumes and Attire: What should I wear? Are costumes required or recommended? Where can I buy or rent a costume?

Costumes (called Garb) are not required, but it will make your experience more fun. If you would like to start out on a beginner level with your costumes, Amazon is a good place to start. Renaissance Faires will have many clothing & accessory vendors.

Events and Activities: What are the key events at the faire? Are there jousting tournaments, musical performances, or historical reenactments? What activities are suitable for children?

Faire Events (at our Faire) include Full Contact Jousting, other Faires have Theatrical Jousting where the joust is scripted. We also have Mermaids, Fairies, lots of great musical entertainment, a Falconer presentation & other presentations.

Tickets and Entry: How much do tickets cost? Are there discounts available (e.g., for students, seniors, or groups)? Can tickets be purchased at the gate, or is it better to buy them in advance?

Tickets may be purchased at the gate or online. Early in the Season when our tickets first become available we will run discounts for the first few weeks. We will have Season passes, Weekend passes & Daily passes.

Food and Drink: What kinds of food are available? Can I bring my own food and drinks? Are there traditional Renaissance foods to try?

Outside food & drink is not allowed. We have different types of food vendors onsite, water ($1.00) at the Pub and various vendors will be selling water for no more than $1.00. We want you to be hydrated-not broke. Spend your money on the vendors. During our Celtic Weekend we have a food vendor selling Celtic Food-Scotch Eggs being one of the most requested. We are working on a Renaissance Food Menu.

Vendors and Shopping: What types of merchandise can I expect to find? Are there artisan crafts or historical goods for sale?

We have all types of vendors, some historical (clothing, armour, leather items, etc) some artisans. We have soap vendors, ceramic vendors, ironworks, blacksmiths, archery vendors..too many to name.

Facilities: Are there ATMs on site? What are the restroom facilities like? Is the faire wheelchair accessible?

We have two ATM’s. One is located at the Pub and the other at the Front Gate. Our restrooms are portapots-cleaned after close each day. The property is very flat and patrons in wheelchairs, scooters & baby strollers should have no issues getting around. (Unless it has rained a lot)

Pets: Are pets allowed? Are there any specific rules or areas for pets?

Pets are NOT ALLOWED.  We can only allow SERVICE ANIMALS due to Birds of Prey Shows and the Joust Horses. Swifty Farms is a Race Horse Breeding Farm and there are those to consider as well, especially in the Spring when babies are being born. We appreciate your cooperation. 

Weather and Preparation: What happens if it rains? Should I bring sunscreen or a hat?

A hat & sunscreen is always a plus. We are a RAIN OR SHINE event. Boots may need to be an option as well. Be prepared for inclement weather at all times.

Participation: Can I participate in any of the events or activities? Are there workshops or demonstrations I can join?

A couple of our vendors are interactive. Some of the entertainment is interactive. 

Travel and Lodging: What are the parking options? Are there recommended accommodations nearby for people coming from out of town?

We have plenty of free parking as well as Handicap Parking. Currently, Hampton Inn & Suites in Scottsburg gives a room discount if you mention the Rennaissance Faire @ Swifty Farms. We are working on others around the area.

Duration of Visit: How long does it typically take to see everything? Is it feasible to see all major attractions in one day?

We are open from 10-6 daily right now. It is tough to see every show in one day. A weekend pass is recommended.

Special Events: Are there any special theme days or weekends? (e.g., Pirate Weekend, Fairy Tale Days)

Every weekend is a different theme. This season (2024) our first weekend is Celtic Weekend, Weekend 2 is Fantasy/Underworld/ Weekend 3 is Circus, Weekend 4 is Pirate, Weekend 5 is Viking. Lots of entertainment is geared toward the weekend theme.

Performances: Who are the featured performers this year? Are there any must-see acts or new performers?

Our performers always change, but this year we have Bettina Solas, Unicycling Unicorn, Fingal Bonsai, Nordic Daughter, HEXXEN, Bawdy Buckaneers. We have some returning entertainers: Our jousters, Knights of The New Order-every weekend, Drunk & Sailor, Celtica Fae, Celtic Rain, Molotov, Kris Colt, Stuartski Siskonovich, Pirates Inc. & more.

Cultural Authenticity: How historically accurate are the events and the costumes? Are there educational segments?

Faires tend not to be historically accurate. The SCA groups & re-enactment groups are more so.

Safety Measures: What are the security arrangements? Are there first aid stations?

We have security on site-although they are not publicly visible. We have a Minor First Aid station. Anything major we call 911.

Children’s Activities: What specific activities are available for children? Is there a designated area for younger visitors?

The Enchanted Forest has entertainment shows, mermaids, Fairies and sometimes dragon shows, Punch & Judy, etc.

Group Visits: Are there special activities or discounts for groups? How can I organize a group visit?

We have one school day for students where the kids get in for $5.00 & accompanying adults $10.00. The entertainers do a morning & afternoon show geared to the students.

Photography: Are there any restrictions on taking photos or videos? Can I bring professional photography equipment?

We encourage patrons to take lots of photos, and post them to their Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc, but tag us and we will share them to our page. We have our pwn professional photographer but all photos are welcome.

Costume Rentals: Is there a place at the faire where I can rent or buy costumes if I don’t bring my own?

There are clothing (garb) vendors. We currently do not have a rental program.

Lost and Found: Is there a lost and found service? What should I do if I lose something?

Items are turned in to a Faire worker or Board Member & they are kept in a safe place until claimed. Our volunteers & Board members have 2-way radios and can quickly find out if an item has been turned in.

Accessibility: Is the terrain difficult for strollers or wheelchairs?

The grounds are blacktop, sidewalks are mostly flat. Unless it has rained the grounds are easily accessible for wheelchairs, scooters & strollers.

Alcohol Policy: Is alcohol served at the Faire? Are there age restrictions or designated areas for drinking?

We do serve hard cider, mead & beer in the Pub. EVERYONE is carded and given a 21+ wristband, then they are free to roam the Faire. Anyone caught sharing or drinking alcohol without a wristband will be removed from the property.

Re-entry Policy: Can I leave and re-enter the Faire on the same day?

Absolutely. Patrons are given a color wristband upon entry.

Craft Demonstrations: Are there live demonstrations of crafts like blacksmithing, weaving, or pottery?

We have a blacksmith, a wool spinner and a hide tanner currently.

Weapons Policy: Can I bring a replica weapon as part of my costume? Are there specific rules about weapon props?

All weapons must be peace-tied at the gate and if purchased at the Faire, the vendor is required to tie it as well. We have zip ties at the gate.

Camping: Is onsite camping available? What are the facilities like for campers?

Only Entertainers & Vendors are allowed camping at this time and only on the days they are onsite for events. No long-term camping.

Operating Hours: What times are the events?

The Southern Indiana Renaissance Faire events are held from 10 AM to 6 PM for various themed weekends across May. Each day of the event typically operates within these hours, offering a consistent schedule for attendees. For specific dates and themes, you can check the full schedule on their Events Page.