Board Members


Butch Sparks

About Butch

I’ve been a part of the SCA since 1989 and began vending at various events in 1993. For eight years, I crafted and sold armor.My journey into blacksmithing started in 2011, leading me to participate in small local events and Renaissance fairs as a blacksmith. However, in 2020, health issues limited my ability to engage in physically demanding activities. To stay involved, I shifted my focus to contributing through organizational roles and promoting the growth of our fair. This dedication led to my appointment as the president of the board in the fall of 2022.

Vice President

Glenn Doane

About Glenn

A few years ago my sister talked me into ‘dressing up’ in Renaissance garb and attending a local festival. It was downhill from there! Now I have multiple outfits, including quite a few kilts and attend as many festivals as possible and even going on The Ren Cruise with a bunch of Rennies! Which led to assisting with organizing festivals, which led to our own festival.


Steve Stewart

About Steve

Steve has 45-plus years’ of experience in the management of full-service destination Resorts. His vast experience has taken him to several highly recognizable resort areas including French Lick, Indiana, Park City, Utah, and Williamsburg, Virginia. His resort adventures and Scotland heritage have introduced him to indulging in Renaissance festivals (Ah, rubbing shoulders with King’s). Along with his excellent management skills, he possesses a unique expertise in projecting realistic financial numbers for the success of a Resort and Renaissance festival. When he is not glued to watching daily financial results you can find him preparing a castle, wielding a kilt, or driving a tractor with a wagon load of animal lovers through a safari wildlife park.    

Entertainment Director & Vendor Coordinator

Nancy Stewart

About Nancy

From a very young age  Halloween was one of my favorite times of the year. It presented an opportunity to become a character other than myself. After the first time at a Renaissance Faire the possibilities became endless. Every day of Faire becomes another character selection from the many costumes that have been purchased or created on my own! Visiting other Faires is an amazing experience to view endless characters, costumes, and meet great friends. The only thing as much fun as a Faire is doing The Ren Cruise with a hundred or more Renaissance friends and entertainers! See you at The Faire!

Volunteer Director

Chris Toon

About Chris

I have been a lover of fantasy and history since I was a young child.  I discovered the lands of Middle Earth when I first read the Hobbit at age 8 and my love of fantasy has only continued to grow from there.  In high school I started to read books on history and still do to this day, I also love to watch historical documentaries and
dramatized historical shows.  
I started vending at concerts and music festivals in 1997, mostly vending food. I discovered Renaissance Faires in 2013 and that first faire was all that it really took to capture my heart.  It was everything I loved about festivals, history, and fantasy all rolled into one.  I had already been going to comic and gaming conventions and
occasionally dressing up for those, so I just fell right into going to Renaissance Faires as well, after going to a few different faires in the surrounding areas with my son and friends I decided that it was worth making a bigger part of my life.  
I was introduced to the Southern Indiana Renaissance Faire and as I came to know the
people putting on the faire I decided that this would be a great group to put my time
and energy into.  As a new addition to the board of directors I am looking forward to helping to continue this Faire’s wonderful experiences and help it continue to grow to be a fun and happy place for friends and families to learn about historical times and the myths and legends of our ancestors.  I am excited to move forward with this great group to make a great experience for everyone who comes to the fair. In the mundane world I work in IT at the IU Credit Union and live at our home with my son Keegan, three great Danes, and a couple of cats.


Shannon Moreland

About Shannon

Social Media Director

Alicia (Darlin) McMonigle

About Alicia

Alicia ” Darlin’ ” Cash A lover of history and the arts is what became appealing to me about Renaissance Faires. I started a few years ago slinging mead with Southern Indiana Renaissance Faire and quickly became addicted. It’s not just about the history and culture. Its about the tight knit family that consumes you and brings you in even more. As someone who did not have the most pleasant childhood growing up. Family is the most important and valuable thing to me. It’s taken me a long time to learn that family is who you make it to be. Not labeled by blood. But by a shared love and passion. I have 4 children, my entire family loves and looks forward to ren faire season to enjoy it together. My two teenagers are now working them with me . Not only do I have a background in mixology but I’m a published photographer, domestic violence advocate, and specials needs instructional assistant. I do this for the joy on everyone else s faces and to help young adults advance and make their dreams come true with helping raise money for the scholarships, and to help keep history and imagination alive.